Why Choose Waterworkz

We are more than just a Holistic Warm Water Animal Wellness Center. We have built a team that
each specializes in their chosen field using their special talents developed throughout their lives

The Spa

– Bright, clean and spacious space
– Plenty of friendly positive staff members to assist and greet you and your pet
– Space is fully wheelchair accessible, no stairs anywhere
– Private parking lot safely away from traffic
– Spacious grass area in our front yard for potty break before and after session
– Drying area for after session fluffing and loving
– Specialty item retail section, slings, harnesses and thunder shirts to name a few
– Official dealer for Help Em Up Harness, Ruff Wear and the Freedom no pull harness
– Supplements and other health related retail section
– Open 7 days a week
– Early morning and later in the evening appointment times for busy schedules
​- We give the best natural treats for your furry friend(s) and plenty of them!

Our Pool

– Natural salt based pool. As close to nature as you can get!
– Salt Chlorine Generator that creates a natural chlorine as it would in the ocean
– Top of the line filtering system
– UV light 
– White in color so you can see how clean the pool is and how fresh the water is
– Weekly maintenance with 3/4 of pool being emptied for optimal quality control
– Regularly scheduled full maintenance. Pool is fully emptied, vacuumed & scrubbed
– Water is kept at 32 degrees to enhance comfort and therapeutic benefits
– Specially designed benches in pool to promote different modalities in the water
– Swim jets for extra resistance swimming and better results
– Warm fresh water rinsing station
– 30 minutes guaranteed in the water
– Sessions are booked on the hour to ensure a relaxed unrushed experience                                                        – One dog at a time to ensure privacy and comfort

Our Team

– Water therapists are fully trained individually and are always adding
   to their “Tool Box”
– All water therapists have a level 2 in Reiki
– A selection of services with 4 practitioners all under one roof
– Over 50 years of combined experience
– Positive environment, positive attitudes.
– Our customer service is above and beyond
– Happy helpful staff and practitioners
– Endless amounts of love from each and every one of us!