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Effective Monday May 1, 2017, K9 Rehab Wellness Centre has acquired Waterworkz Paw Spa and we are very excited to continue the wonderful services to the dogs and their parents!

At K9 Rehab Wellness Centre, we have combined our education, experience, love of pets, and our passion for business, to become the leading warm water canine swimming facilities and full service wellness centres in the lower mainland.


We have the highest qualifications in hydrotherapy to ensure exceptional care and experience for the dogs in our pool. Our practitioners include a Holistic Veterinarian, Canine Chiropractor, Small Animal Massage Therapist, Reiki Master and Energy Work Therapist with a specialized Animal Grooming Center for compromised dogs coming soon. We also have a small retail area specializing in items that complement our services as well as good quality food products to help your pets maintain a healthy body weight with great nutritional choices


We respect and admire Waterworkz current dedicated team, great facility and personal touch. Our goal over the next few months is to invest and expand on this excellence for a enjoyable and professional parent and dog experience. Improvements will include:
•Complete updating to the facility environment, including new paint and repairs of worn and tired structures.

•A new higher ramp that meets the top of the pool structure avoiding the need to step into the pool which will continues along the far wall into the pool for a safer entry into the water

•A safety gate at the entry point to the pool deck

•Larger reception and gait analysis area when you first enter the building

•A small specialized grooming centre that will accommodate compromised dogs for nail trims and basic grooming needs

•Behind the scene we are upgrading all the pool equipment to ensure a clean, a low chemical salt water pool with diatomaceous earth filtration system which is the highest grade system ensuring the best conditions for the dogs

•Expanding the hours of operation to allow everyone on the waiting list the opportunity for us to help their dogs needs

•Adding to our products with items that complement our services at K9 Rehab Wellness Centre

•Additional qualified staff

•New practitioners to complete our services offered


It will be business as usual, when it comes to your reserved appointment times and the staff that cares for your dog that you’ve come to know with the addition of a few new ones to fill in for Tanya’s schedule. Prices will remain the same as will the schedule and allotted time in the pool.
There are a few new improvements on the care side that we will be implementing:
•All our new clients will require a veterinary release form signed by their veterinarian. This has no cost at the vet’s office. It will ensure we have the clearance for your dog to enter the pool and your veterinarian is aware your dog is participating in warm water swim therapy. Our approach is to build a team to help your dog which includes, you as the “parent” of your dog, our staff at the pool, your veterinarian and all other practitioners such as massage, physiotherapy and chiropractor who are helping with the rehabilitation of your dog. This relationship will allow us to communicate with the other people helping your dog to ensure the best outcome and care is given collectively.

•Rebranding, we will be changing the name of the company immediately for a fresh new start. The Waterworkz website will be active for the next year so that we don’t lose anyone looking for us in the transition. The telephone number will remain the same. Our contact information can be found at the top of this email, please add us to your contact list.

•You will see a few new faces in the day to day operations, David Friesen and his wife Anita (whom most of you have already met in the pool as the senior hydrotherapist for the past few months) are the new owners and will be available with Clo the office administrator to help you with any questions you may have.


We sincerely consider it an honor and privilege to care for your dog at K9 Rehab Wellness Centre. Together with our incredible team we look forward to building on the great service you have come to expect. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.


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