Water Angel

Be a Water Angel for a WaterWorkz canine client and their human! 
Since our inception, WaterWorkz Paw Spa has been committed to providing Warm Water Therapy to injured and rescued canines.  We swim, at no charge the Burnaby SPCA and West Vancouver SPCA once a week each….every week, all year-long!  Nine out of ten dogs get adopted after two swims as their energy, demeanor, attitude and confidence improve dramatically when potential parents come to view them.  We also have a short list of “pro bono on the fly” where, when we have a rare opening that or the next day we call them and if they can make it and we offer a free therapy session.  They more often than make it work and sometimes even change their schedules to accomodate their furry friend.
As much as we wish we could gift sessions to all the dogs we meet who’s parents are finacially challenged, there are many and we are unable to add to the list.  We do encounter some worthy canines and their parents who cannot afford to keep their dog in a much-needed maintenance swimming program and it breaks our heart that we can’t help them all.
After seeing the benefits of canine water therapy for themselves and tell us their companion has had a longer, better quality of life, many people have asked if they could share the experience with others who value their canine companions just as much, but may not have the resources to afford treatments.
This is where you come in…..
In order for us to help more dogs have a better quality of life we have set up a fund to provide sessions for these deserving, less fortunate canines. If you are so inclined, you are welcome to contribute to the fund and we thank you very much.  We can, if you choose to pick a certain dog, connect you with the canine and their human that will be very thankful to have you as their Water Angel. Please just send us an email at info@waterworkzpawspa.com letting us know and we will email you both!  Or you can remain anonymous.

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You can donate any amount you desire or pick a selection for full sessions that suit your budget.

One Session   64.20
Three Pack    183.00
 Five Pack      298.50


Red, funny crazy old guy….he is a beautiful loving pit bull that Mum inherited after the passing of her son, Red’s human.  Not every older lady would take on a task like that but Red is a part of her son so she cherishes him and does the best she can for him.  A senior … Continue reading Red



This old soul is 15 years old and lives alone with Mum who has a mother with health issues and is on a fixed income.  Tyson is her world so she gathered her funds to try Hydrotherapy hoping insurance would refund her but that isnot to be.   After 5 sessions her boy Tyson has received amazing results and we are … Continue reading Tyson



This spunky young girl came to us to learn to swim and get some exercise as Mum has disabilites that limit her activity with this little Dashund. The biggest surprise for both human and canine is the confidence she developed….running up to say to strangers instead of hiding behind her human! Aroo is her friend, … Continue reading Aroo