The Roving Vet at WaterWorkz

The Roving Vet at WaterWorkz
with Dr.Shulamit Krakauer
Shulamit completed the International Veterinary Acupuncture course and certification program in 1999 and the Animal Natural Health Center Homeopathy program with Dr. David Evans and Dr. Richard Pitcairn in 2001. She completed the Vancouver Academy of Homeopathy                                                               4 year  program in 2004.                                              
Dr. Shulamit continues her studies by participating in advanced seminars with internationally renowned homeopaths in order to expand her knowledge of homeopathic remedies and their use in people and animals. Dr. Krakauer took a craniosacral course in 2008 and is also enjoying adding this gentle modality to acupuncture treatments. Shulamit is fortunate to have worked with various holistic and conventional veterinarians both in Vancouver and on Vancouver Island, which has given her a wide range of clinical experience and exposure to various treatment options.
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