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Burnaby SPCA Holiday Pet Photos a success

Another successful fundraiser for the Burnaby SPCA during our Holiday Pet Photos at WaterWorkz Paw Spa!   A huge thank you to everyone who helped at our event yesterday afternoon.  All of our practitioners were there, the Holistic Vet, Chiropractor, Massage Therapist and Healing Touch for Animals.  Our team was, as usual, friendly, happy and helpful to all who walked through our doors.  Erich Saide did a great job along with his assistant Prudence with some great shots. 

It was great to see many dogs that have come to us for hydrotherapy in the past and the ones we see every week.  We love having new people come by and there were many who were given a tour of our space and some were lucky enough to see one of our pool buddies during their therapy session in our warm water pool!

How fitting that an adopted 7 month old SPCA special that has found a fabulous new forever home came to watch his friend Ben the Dog during his water therapy session.  Since we offer a free water therapy session to each the West Vancouver SPCA and the Burnaby SPCA every week I just couldn’t help myself and had to give Rolo a go and he was a rock star! Only had about 10 minutes since we had another session after Ben but next time we will teach him to fetch!

We raised a little over $1,500, pretty good for 4 hours of fun!   We thank the volunteers who fed us and helped keep things organized and running smoothly……speaking of smooth I would guess there was twenty or more jars of Peanut Butter…..our bin could not hold all the toys etc we received….Please remember we are still collecting both Peanut Butter and toys etc so more donations are always welcome!

Enjoy a few pictures…..of course I could not include everyone but had to have my Golden Retriever Jigs as one of the shots, he is such a ham!  

2015 Christmas Jigs
Jigs, my Golden Boy
2015 Christmas Maggie
2015 Christmas
Simply Cuteness
2015 Christmas Casper and Barney
Casper and Barney
2015 Christmas Ben the Dog
Ben the Dog
2015 Christmas Romo
Romo my pool buddy since 2010