One on One Therapy

With our One on One Session, someone with a Level II certification trained by our Senior Water Therapist with over 7 years experience will remain in the pool with your companion the entire time.  Other modalities of bodywork are combined while in the water with your canine.
It is common to spend some time at the beginning of the first swim adjusting and becoming comfortable with the pool and their new surroundings.  While we take our time throughout the process and do not start the therapy time till we get your dog safely and calmly in the pool.  This helps us create a bond and a trust with your dog on our time and our dime.  We develop a session specifically for your canine that incorporates swimming, floating and your canine friend will be allotted “Recess” time to enjoy fetching their favourite toy throughout the session.

Parent Swim

After your canine’s safe introduction to the pool during his first session with a WaterWorkz warm water therapist, you may then choose to come and join your dog for our Parent Swim.  You, your companion and your water therapist will all get in the water and give you a short introduction to the pool and how your canine likes to be handled. You may then begin sharing the warm water with your canine companion.  There is also the option of turning on the swim jets to play catch for exercise or just enjoy a quiet, peaceful thirty minutes while you relax and take in the warmth of the water and calm surroundings.
  • Relaxation and fun is essential for everyone.  Your time spent in the water with your dog will be a great bonding experience for you both.

Learn to Swim

Safety for your canine friend is important.  Our dog swimming lessons teach your friend how to react and behave in our Lower Mainland surroundings and ensures everyone will enjoy the benefits of our beautiful landscapes.
We love the comments we get after our furry friend learns to swim, like, “I thought for sure we would have to wait till the third swim” or “I can’t believe you got him swimming and comfortable with it the first time”.  Dogs love to swim naturally. We show them how to enjoy the experience of learning to swim in a safe and controlled environment!
  • The resistance of the water equates to five times the exercise they would do on land.  As a form of exercise it helps to improve general fitness and cardiovascular stamina, muscle tone and managing obesity. This makes it an obvious choice as a regular safe form of exercise.  

Buddy Swim

Buddy Swim is a fun interactive session where your canine can invite two or three friends for a doggy pool party! We have had Min Pin, Pomeranian and Papillion pool parties. A fun time for everyone filled with fetching and aquatic swimming for dogs.  They come out proud, happy and tired!
  • The natural buoyancy of the water and the fact that sudden twists,stops and falls are impossible makes hydrotherapy a safe and effective form of           exercise and enjoyable for everyone involved!  
Please Note:  In order to provide a safe, controlled and enjoyable Buddy Swim there must be one human for each dog. Your WaterWorkz Paw Spa therapist will count as one. 
–  Two large or three small canines sharing the pool and the session time together.
–  Your WaterWorkz therapist counts as one human and there must be one human per dog in the pool. This provides a safe, controlled and happy way for everyone to have therapy & fun!
–  Extra dog or water therapist please add $29.95




One on One

40 Minute Session
63.58 + tax

Buddy Swim

40 Minute Session
91.00 + tax

Parent Swim

40 Minute Session
70.43 + tax

All  sessions have package pricing available and are by appointment only

                                              We accept Cash, Check,   E transfer or  Debit/Interac 


We appreciate your patronage.  Your swim session times are  reserved for you. Because of the nature of our business and limited availability all short  notice cancellations will unfortunately have to be charged. If you are not able to keep your appointment, please inform us at least 48 hours in advance so that you can avoid any unnecessary costs while giving us enough time to offer the time to another dog that needs their therapy.