Non Anesthetic Dental Care

Non Anesthetic Dental Care
with Robin Canuel
K9 Gentle Dental was veterinary trained by Well Animal Institute in Denver, Colorado and works with 70+ local businesses in BC and Alberta. With an over 99% success rate, K9 Gentle Dental is proof that with a gentle touch and a little patience, any dog can maintain the health of their mouth with anesthesia-free teeth cleaning.
All K9 Gentle Dental staff are hired for their experience with dogs and are Pet First Aid Certified.
        Next Dates available for 2017 at WaterWorkz Paw Spa are:


Friday Jan 13                                                                      Friday Mar 3
  Friday Apr 21
Friday Jun 2
 Friday Jul 21
  Friday Sept 1
  Friday Oct 20
Friday Dec 1
To book your appointment with K9 Gentle Dental please call 604 435 0002 or email and visit their website