Life Changes!

To all my valued WaterWorkz humans and pool babies,

Life can sure throw us some curves.  My heart is heaving with this one curve, but it’s time and I am moving forward in a very big way.  I have sold WaterWorkz to Anita, who many of you may already know as your water therapist. I am confident this wonderful business that I built from nothing, with all of you supporting me, will continue to offer you the very best therapy with Anita’s knowledge and caring so that makes it a little easier to move forward.  Beginning May 1st 2017, know that you are in good hands!

DJ and I need to spend more quality time together.  I have given all I can give during these great 7 and a half years but have n.o. more to give. It’s time for a new venture and a normal schedule….long weekend? Yes I will definitely know what that is again!.

I thank all of you for trusting me with your precious family members.  I am grateful to all my staff, new and old and all my practitioners. Of course I thank all my pool babies that have shared such special and memorable times with me.  They have all made a huge impact in my life and I will be forever grateful to them for teaching me so much.

To say these years have been the most rewarding of my life is an understatement.  I have enjoyed all the love; human and canine, kisses; human and canine, hugs; human and canine and the many smiles from my humans and canines! Of course seeing our old dogs turn into puppies again is the best reward of all!  Helping the very many dogs I have through WaterWorkz just never gets old……I however at 58 am getting older and it’s time to move on to a new and exciting venture as the Canadian Distributor for VetGold.  

So I wish you all the best dog love possible and when my time comes (let’s hope it’s a long time from now) I think I will be overwhelmed with the amount of dogs there to greet me, with Jigs leading the pack!

For those of you that are not on FaceBook I have copied the story of his last wonderful days with us all!

I thank you all for your support over the years.  I consider you part of my family and the experiences at WaterWorkz have made a strong imprint in my heart.


Jigs, my Boy, my Joy, fought the fight of his terminal aggressive diagnosis with us all and I have to say we won!  Having been told 1 to 3 months or 3 to 6 with Chemo we went the Holistic and Energy Work route and 7 months and 22 days later we said goodbye on Friday April 7th at 3:30 pm. 

His last days, weeks and months were filled with daycare, going to work and the park with mum and just living his life as he always had.  And making me laugh, man that dog was funny!

Jigs, being the dog that he was, gave us a precious and selfless send off.  After 30 plus hours of barely lifting his head and only giving his dad a half tail wag when he came home early from work that day decided that when his magical Dr. Shuli arrived two hours later it was time to be, well Jigs.

He lifted his head when she entered the house.  When she entered the room he stood up on the bed!!!!! started wagging his tail!!!!, sending our jaws to the floor! He was going out in style and was going to make it as joyful as this painful time could be.  

Shuli offered a treat but we said he hadn’t eaten yet today but surprise surprise he took it!  Then I thought well you want to be normal before you go, ok, let’s do our favorite trick.  “You want the treat? Tell me Jigs” and he did it with the energy and joy he has always done it!  Of course I had to do it about four times as he was making me laugh so much and I didn’t want to stop laughing and smiling at my boy.  I am hoping he didn’t notice the tears streaming down my face….I then gave his dad a treat and asked if he could “Tell DJ” and the did it a few times for him making us all laugh yet again!

He was ready and he decided “We are all going to make this as positive an experience as we can”.  It was, thanks Jigs!

We miss you so very very much, our Boy, our Joy.

Don and Tanya

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