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Healing Touch for Animals                                                                                                                                                                                    with Karen Wickerson

As a Clinical Family Counsellor at an Agency in North Vancouver for 13 years, Karen has followed her passion for helping animals and studied energy medicine through Healing Touch for Animals. She became certified and has shifted her career to working full time helping animals at WaterWorkz since Jan 2016. 

Using energy to help facilitate healing with animals’ bodies she says she doesn’t actually heal the animal but does, however, work in their energy fields to help clear out any energy blocks embedded in their fields and/or nervous systems. Karen uses over 30 energy therapy techniques that specifically support the animals to release trauma, address grief or loss, support wellness, behavioural changes, personality disorders and immune systems. She also is able to use animal communication to further understand how the animals see their situation, help to address their needs and wants, and communicate this to their humans.

For more information or to book a session with Karen please call 604.725.7459 or email her at karenjw@shaw.ca or her website at www.karenwickerson.com