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Erika and Red

Red, funny crazy old guy….he is a beautiful loving pit bull that Mum inherited after the passing of her son, Red’s human.  Not every older lady would take on a task like that but Red is a part of her son so she cherishes him and does the best she can for him.  A senior on a fixed and small income she does come weekly but I can see she is too proud to say it’s a financial challenge Hydrotherapy does help his mobility that in turn helps them both when walking their short walks.


This old soul is 15 years old and lives alone with Mum who has a mother with health issues and is on a fixed income.  Tyson is her world so she gathered her funds to try Hydrotherapy hoping insurance would refund her but that isnot to be.   After 5 sessions her boy Tyson has received amazing results and we are both pleased with the benefits he displayed for his age!   If she is not able to return and he will loose the benefits he received.


This spunky young girl came to us to learn to swim and get some exercise as Mum has disabilites that limit her activity with this little Dashund. The biggest surprise for both human and canine is the confidence she developed….running up to say to strangers instead of hiding behind her human! Aroo is her friend, confidant and loving support as we all know dogs are. Mum does her best but cannot afford even a bi weekly session schedule for little Miss Aroo.