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Hi Tanya:
Just an email to give you feedback on our parent swim session this Saturday. The pool session was excellent. The music and the place itself is very well planned and that is obvious when you arrive there. You asked me questions about Maggie, which I really liked. It let me know you were interested in the dogs needs. While you probably wanted to get your hands on Maggie when we got in the water and start doing your job, you allowed me to have a boundary with her and waited until I felt comfortable letting her go as she is an abused animal and has trust issues.

Once we were in the pool you were very relaxed and explained things clearly to me. When I was not doing it correctly, you were very calm and non judgmental with your feedback. I think you will work very well with other people and whatever quirks they will have regarding their dogs! Once you took Maggie, I could see that your energy with her was very good and she trusted you quite quickly. You were even aware enough not to move behind her and make her nervous about what you were doing.

Tanya, I think you are going to be great at your new found passion as you are very open and easy going individual who really cares about what you are doing. I felt the whole experience was pleasant not only for the dog, but very relaxing for me as well. You even chose special dog music which worked well for Maggie. When we got out of the pool you were very quick not only to take care of Maggie, but to also ensure that I had a towel extremely quickly — even before I had time to ask for one. I thought that was extremely professional and well-planned.

I only have positive things to say about the experience I had with Maggie in your pool. I think you are doing, exactly what you are supposed to be doing and I believe you will be (already are in fact), very good at what you do

I will be in touch. Take care, and thank you!