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The pool is long enough to get a good swim going and has benches and steps built in so your pooch can rest if she gets tired. It’s salt water so Jelly floats easily and is the perfect temperature – warm enough to be soothing without being hot. The pool is upstairs but there are no stairs, only ramps so no problem for dogs like Jelly getting around. The whole floor surface is non-slip and she even has an entry and exit ramp so dogs never meet up with each other for safety. There are tons of toys and big, fluffy towels for the dogs.

Tanya you are amazing! You have such a way with dogs – Jelly took to you instantly and loves you and loves that you work at the dogs’ pace.. She runs into the spa when we get there. Jelly hasn’t run since she blew out her knee. You just have such an amazing touch and it’s easy to see you really love what you do. I think you get as much out of seeing the dogs improve as they do. I wanted Jelly to swim swim swim but you taught me the value of just ‘floating’ the dog so their legs relax and hang down as well as the swimming part. When you float Jelly she turns into, well, jelly.

Jelly has been twice now and the improvement in her is unbelievable. Our holiday plans for July in Whistler unfortunately did not include Jelly after her injury in Dec, but now I wonder and we may have to reconsider. She’s actually walking on her foot pad now, rather than up on her toes. She’s so perky and happy and she’s gaining muscle tone that she had lost and wants to go for walks all the time now. She stretches out her bad knee fully when she swims there. I know it’s not going to fix her knee but it is strengthening the muscles in all 4 legs and definitely improving her range of motion. Most importantly, she LOVES it and that makes it worth it right there. I also love that you give pro bono sessions to dogs from the Burnaby SPCA as I voluntee for the SPCA myself.

I can’t recommend your place enough for dogs that need rehab from surgery or injury, arthritic dogs or even just old poochies that would benefit from a warm water, relaxing swim. I’m such a fan now and Jelly is in love and getting better ever time she goes. It’s the pleasure of her life.

Cathy Panizzi

Hi Tanya,
Just wanted to let you know how Jelly is doing since her day at the spa yesterday. She is amazing! Yesterday, when my husband went to take Tico for his walk, Jelly stormed the door wanting to go with them. She never does that. She was perkier than I’ve seen her since the day she hurt her knee. This morning, she isn’t limping at all. She had a big smile all day yesterday and it was almost like she was teasing the puppy – I’m wet and you’re not. And the best part is that she lied down in the back of the truck the whole way home – that’s how relaxed she was. We can’t wait until next Wednesday.



Hi Tanya,
Jelly is awesome! She’s like a puppy again. We shaved her down for the summer and she’s just so much lighter and rejuvenated. She looks so cute, like she’s wearing a velvet suit. She swam for 4 hours straight every single day at Whistler and is the happiest girl you’ve ever seen. Even since we’ve been back, she’s been going to the beach (at high tide only so she doesn’t have to walk on the sand) and to the river with Tico. She’s like a different dog. No one can believe she has a bad knee or that she’s the age she is. She looks and acts like a puppy – truly. There are days when she twists it playing with Tico and limps a bit but we just rest her for a day or two, much to her displeasure, and she’s right back at it again. None of this would have been possible without the work you did with her in the 2 months leading up to the summer. I tell everyone who will listen about it.

I’m telling you, I never in my wildest dreams thought she would be able to go on vacation with us let alone swim and run, yes run, and play like a puppy. It’s beyond any expectation I had. All I wanted was for her to enjoy the sessions and maybe get a bit stronger in her other leg. What you’ve done for her is miraculous. We’re going away in Feb. and I didn’t think there was any chance she’d still be around but now, I’m thinking I have to find a place for her to stay. It’s truly amazing. I can’t wait for you to see her.

We’ll be back for some winter swimming once the summer is over and we’re back home for good. I don’t want her to lose all the progress she’s made. Hope you’re having a great summer as well.

See you soon,


Hi Tanya:
Just an email to give you feedback on our parent swim session this Saturday. The pool session was excellent. The music and the place itself is very well planned and that is obvious when you arrive there. You asked me questions about Maggie, which I really liked. It let me know you were interested in the dogs needs. While you probably wanted to get your hands on Maggie when we got in the water and start doing your job, you allowed me to have a boundary with her and waited until I felt comfortable letting her go as she is an abused animal and has trust issues.

Once we were in the pool you were very relaxed and explained things clearly to me. When I was not doing it correctly, you were very calm and non judgmental with your feedback. I think you will work very well with other people and whatever quirks they will have regarding their dogs! Once you took Maggie, I could see that your energy with her was very good and she trusted you quite quickly. You were even aware enough not to move behind her and make her nervous about what you were doing.

Tanya, I think you are going to be great at your new found passion as you are very open and easy going individual who really cares about what you are doing. I felt the whole experience was pleasant not only for the dog, but very relaxing for me as well. You even chose special dog music which worked well for Maggie. When we got out of the pool you were very quick not only to take care of Maggie, but to also ensure that I had a towel extremely quickly — even before I had time to ask for one. I thought that was extremely professional and well-planned.

I only have positive things to say about the experience I had with Maggie in your pool. I think you are doing, exactly what you are supposed to be doing and I believe you will be (already are in fact), very good at what you do

I will be in touch. Take care, and thank you!


Hard to believe my dog was afraid to swim. I mean he’s a Duck toller for Pete sake. But he was and I didn’t know what to do. Then Someone gave me a card for the WaterWorkz Paw Spa Warm Water Wellness Center. I have to be honest, I had my doubts that taking my dog for swimming lessons would work.

I was wrong. Boy was I ever. One session with Tanya and my dog jumped in the water at our park the the very next week! I was totally shocked! And very very happy! I couldn’t have done it with out her. Without any hesitation I would recommend Tanya & the WaterWorkz Paw Spa Warm Water Wellness Center to anyone who might need help with their best friend.

Roger S. Russell
Directors Guild of Canada Member


Hi Tanya,

Just thought I’d pass along a bit of an update on maggie. She’s doing pretty good, not getting sore that much anymore, but still chewing her leg (although she started chewing her other knee this week, not sure what that’s all about!). Her progress with the water has been amazing! I’ve been taking her to the Coquitlam river a few times a week, and one day she just decided to walk through one of the small offshoot streams to check out the other side! she hasn’t looked back since 🙂
She still won’t go in off of an edge into water, but if it slopes in she’ll walk in no problem!
I’ve attached a photo from today, and a short video clip. I can’t wait to get maggie back swimming at your pool!



Hello from all of us.
Charlie seems to be getting along quite well in his cart. We had to keep adjusting things to get them just right. He is able to go on and off the curbs in his cart but hasn’t decided to take a run yet. An SPCA lady stopped my husband and thought the cart was the best thing since sliced bread. So he gave her your endorsement. The more PR the better. She knew of you and the spa, so maybe you had spoken to her at one point in time. Hope all is well with you and we will be in touch.