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Dog Tornado toy and Airedales

The Dog Tornado is an interactive toy that begins each and every session of our dogs’ happy experience when they come to WaterWorkz for their hydrotherapy…..  As soon as the door opens they go directly to where  we diligently always have it placed, loaded and waiting for them.  Then it’s off to Tornado land and fun fun fun!

This is Gator and Elliott who come every Thursday to our pool.  One comes for therapy and the other one for fun.   They happily swim together after their Tornado treats! The only problem is when they come for a massage or a chiropractic appointment they wonder “Hey where’s the Tornado?”

In addition to being fun the Dog Tornado toy is a slow feeder and interactive dog toy, many of our dogs have one at home and get dogs treats when their parents leave the house to distract them and it also keeps their mind busy.  My guy gets his dinner in it every night and it slows his eating time.   Keep in mind he is a Golden Retriever but I am happy to say he went from a 8 second meal to 8 or more minutes as he tends to keep at it making sure he got it all!  Then a little while later I hear the Tornado twirling.  My guess is he is thinking “The humans may have refilled it, you never know”  You can also freeze some peanut butter or yogurt in it for a cool time!  A product from Switzerland they are well made and very durable that makes our Pitbull parents very happy.

We always have them in stock in and the retail section of the spa and on-line store  so come on by and get one for your furry friend!  While you are here we welcome you to remind us to give you a tour of our facility and most importantly our beautiful Warm Water Salt based pool!