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Riplee’s Ranch Holistic Pet Food

At WaterWorkz Paw Spa we are always sourcing good Holistic products and stay as Canadian as we can.  Riplee’s Ranch meets all the criteria we look for.  It’s locally sourced, locally made and has convenient free home delivery.  RR logo10

While I was looking for a new kibble for my dog Jigs I was introduced by a client to this great local product and Jigs loves it!  When I checked the website  I noticed they were in need of a distributor for Burnaby did some research, asked lots of questions and the rest is history.  I am happy to be offering free delivery in Burnaby and sales of this great holistic product line at our Burnaby location, 3831 Still Creek Ave. which is just down the street from the Willingdon Costco. Many of our clients come for their hydrotherapy session, buy their Riplee’s Ranch pet food and their dog enjoys the wonderful smells of their new dog food while happily sleeping the car while the parents go shopping  (not on hot days of course, our clients would never do that!) 

We offer a sample pack to people and their pets and when our client April from Bronte Pet Services brought one home for Chica she emailed me this picture with the caption….”Safe to say Chica likes them”20150622_195213

Riplee’s Ranch builds holistic recipes based on nutritional science and the pet foods contain all-natural, regionally sourced ingredients. Offering a variety of recipes for all the ages, sizes and breeds of your pet.  The flavor combinations are great, Fresh Turkey and Sweet Potato. Fresh Chicken and Whole Peas, Lamb and Brown Rice along with other great combinations for dogs and cats.  Dog biscuits and canned cat and dog food are also on the menu.  The Turkey is so fresh it’s pumped into the recipe just before it gets processed into kibble.  Riplees Ranc

Please give us a call at 604 435 0002 or stop by WaterWorkz Paw Spa to pick up your Riplee’s Ranch Holistic Pet Food.  Don’t forget to ask for a tour if it’s your first visit to our facility!