Burnaby SPCA Holiday Pet Photos a success

Another successful fundraiser for the Burnaby SPCA during our Holiday Pet Photos at WaterWorkz Paw Spa!   A huge thank you to everyone who helped at our event yesterday afternoon.  All of our practitioners were there, the Holistic Vet, Chiropractor, Massage Therapist and Healing Touch for Animals.  Our team was, as usual, friendly, happy and helpful to all who walked through our doors.  Erich Saide did a great job along with his assistant Prudence with some great shots. 

It was great to see many dogs that have come to us for hydrotherapy in the past and the ones we see every week.  We love having new people come by and there were many who were given a tour of our space and some were lucky enough to see one of our pool buddies during their therapy session in our warm water pool!

How fitting that an adopted 7 month old SPCA special that has found a fabulous new forever home came to watch his friend Ben the Dog during his water therapy session.  Since we offer a free water therapy session to each the West Vancouver SPCA and the Burnaby SPCA every week I just couldn’t help myself and had to give Rolo a go and he was a rock star! Only had about 10 minutes since we had another session after Ben but next time we will teach him to fetch!

We raised a little over $1,500, pretty good for 4 hours of fun!   We thank the volunteers who fed us and helped keep things organized and running smoothly……speaking of smooth I would guess there was twenty or more jars of Peanut Butter…..our bin could not hold all the toys etc we received….Please remember we are still collecting both Peanut Butter and toys etc so more donations are always welcome!

Enjoy a few pictures…..of course I could not include everyone but had to have my Golden Retriever Jigs as one of the shots, he is such a ham!  

2015 Christmas Jigs
Jigs, my Golden Boy
2015 Christmas Maggie
2015 Christmas
Simply Cuteness
2015 Christmas Casper and Barney
Casper and Barney
2015 Christmas Ben the Dog
Ben the Dog
2015 Christmas Romo
Romo my pool buddy since 2010

Holiday Pet Photo for SPCA Burnaby Branch

Just letting you know there is a terrific chance to get the best ever holiday pet photo of your pet this Saturday, Nov 28th from 11am – 3pm. Erich Saide (you will all recognize him from his professional work at events, YPO, calendars, and campaigns) has agreed to donate his time for this event.  He has a pooch named Bella and this cause has tugged at his heart-strings!

This event is taking place at  WaterWorkz Paw Spa.  It’s in Burnaby but don’t let that scare you off because it’s literally Boundary and Grandview. Take Grandview, left on Boundary, first right after the exit ramp to the hwy, round the bend, and poof there is the building on your left.  Address is below. Super easy.  

Money raised goes directly to the Burnaby SPCA and they could use your help. $20 or whatever you can spare.  Families welcome.  Please consider dropping by,  we would love to see you, as would, Erich Saide, the SPCA Volunteers and the team at WaterWorkz.

Please consider helping some of our province’s most needy animals right when they need it most – the holidays.  And in the process get yourself the most amazing professional picture of your pooch with you/family. Please send this email to anyone you think may be interested to come and start a holiday pet photo tradition.

And if you are worried your pup is excitable, please know that we deal with all animals all the time and every dog/pet is more than welcome at this event.  Special needs are celebrated. And if you need a private moment in order to get this picture taken, we make that happen so don’t fret. 

The Burnaby SPCA will happily accept canned food donations, used or new toys and PEANUT BUTTER is an ongoing need for those happy Kong moments!                                                                                                                                                 We have many baskets this year donated by the great clients we have…..Lush, Purdy’s, Three Dog Bakery and many more and a “SuperNatural” surprise basket! There are really just so many reasons to come!                                                                                                                          
WaterWorkz Paw Spa                                                                                                                         Warm Water Therapy & Holistic Veterinary Wellness Center
Saturday, Nov 28, 11am-3pm
3831 Still Creek Avenue
Burnaby                                                                                                                                                     604 435 0002

Pet Pics with Santa 2015 - FINAL

Riplee’s Ranch Holistic Pet Food

At WaterWorkz Paw Spa we are always sourcing good Holistic products and stay as Canadian as we can.  Riplee’s Ranch meets all the criteria we look for.  It’s locally sourced, locally made and has convenient free home delivery.  RR logo10

While I was looking for a new kibble for my dog Jigs I was introduced by a client to this great local product and Jigs loves it!  When I checked the website http://ripleesranch.com.  I noticed they were in need of a distributor for Burnaby did some research, asked lots of questions and the rest is history.  I am happy to be offering free delivery in Burnaby and sales of this great holistic product line at our Burnaby location, 3831 Still Creek Ave. which is just down the street from the Willingdon Costco. Many of our clients come for their hydrotherapy session, buy their Riplee’s Ranch pet food and their dog enjoys the wonderful smells of their new dog food while happily sleeping the car while the parents go shopping  (not on hot days of course, our clients would never do that!) 

We offer a sample pack to people and their pets and when our client April from Bronte Pet Services brought one home for Chica she emailed me this picture with the caption….”Safe to say Chica likes them”20150622_195213

Riplee’s Ranch builds holistic recipes based on nutritional science and the pet foods contain all-natural, regionally sourced ingredients. Offering a variety of recipes for all the ages, sizes and breeds of your pet.  The flavor combinations are great, Fresh Turkey and Sweet Potato. Fresh Chicken and Whole Peas, Lamb and Brown Rice along with other great combinations for dogs and cats.  Dog biscuits and canned cat and dog food are also on the menu.  The Turkey is so fresh it’s pumped into the recipe just before it gets processed into kibble.  Riplees Ranc

Please give us a call at 604 435 0002 or stop by WaterWorkz Paw Spa to pick up your Riplee’s Ranch Holistic Pet Food.  Don’t forget to ask for a tour if it’s your first visit to our facility!

Tips to beat the heat for your dog

Well I know we had a break from the heat but another round is coming up.  A couple of things I do for my Golden Boy Jigs:  First at a certain age he didn’t like ice cubes any more.  I guess they are just too hard as they get older.  So I began a couple years ago to fill an ice cube tray with yogurt, well two ice cube trays to be exact as one is not enough.  He loves them as the texture is like .  Only problem is every time I go to the fridge to get some ice guess who is standing beside or around me!  Even when he is sleeping and I try to be

Cool Coat available at WaterWorkz Paw Spa
Cool Coat available at WaterWorkz Paw Spa

yogurt frozen treats Frozen treat bowlquiet…but there he is!  That is why I do two trays!  Then I always have an old container that I put water in and some kibble and treats and put in the freezer.  Some float to the top and some sink to the bottom.  When frozen I run hot water over container till it falls out.  On a hot day I will give it to him outside and he is busy for a good 35 minutes, some times longer as it really depends on how many treats are in there.  It is comical to see him when he is just about able to get at the treat but can’t quite “get it”.  He licks like crazy! Then there is the fabulous Cool Coat and of course they are available at WaterWorkz Paw Spa!  I have to admit I brought one home for myself as well as Jigs.  We both love it!  Knowing it has gotten me through the heat wave I feel better about him.  I sometimes just put it on for an hour or so and when I feel his back it remains cool for about an hour.  When his back gets warm again back on goes the coat.  Hope this helps some or many!

Dog Tornado toy and Airedales

The Dog Tornado is an interactive toy that begins each and every session of our dogs’ happy experience when they come to WaterWorkz for their hydrotherapy…..  As soon as the door opens they go directly to where  we diligently always have it placed, loaded and waiting for them.  Then it’s off to Tornado land and fun fun fun!

This is Gator and Elliott who come every Thursday to our pool.  One comes for therapy and the other one for fun.   They happily swim together after their Tornado treats! The only problem is when they come for a massage or a chiropractic appointment they wonder “Hey where’s the Tornado?”

In addition to being fun the Dog Tornado toy is a slow feeder and interactive dog toy, many of our dogs have one at home and get dogs treats when their parents leave the house to distract them and it also keeps their mind busy.  My guy gets his dinner in it every night and it slows his eating time.   Keep in mind he is a Golden Retriever but I am happy to say he went from a 8 second meal to 8 or more minutes as he tends to keep at it making sure he got it all!  Then a little while later I hear the Tornado twirling.  My guess is he is thinking “The humans may have refilled it, you never know”  You can also freeze some peanut butter or yogurt in it for a cool time!  A product from Switzerland they are well made and very durable that makes our Pitbull parents very happy.

We always have them in stock in and the retail section of the spa and on-line store  so come on by and get one for your furry friend!  While you are here we welcome you to remind us to give you a tour of our facility and most importantly our beautiful Warm Water Salt based pool!


Erika and Red

Red, funny crazy old guy….he is a beautiful loving pit bull that Mum inherited after the passing of her son, Red’s human.  Not every older lady would take on a task like that but Red is a part of her son so she cherishes him and does the best she can for him.  A senior on a fixed and small income she does come weekly but I can see she is too proud to say it’s a financial challenge Hydrotherapy does help his mobility that in turn helps them both when walking their short walks.


This old soul is 15 years old and lives alone with Mum who has a mother with health issues and is on a fixed income.  Tyson is her world so she gathered her funds to try Hydrotherapy hoping insurance would refund her but that isnot to be.   After 5 sessions her boy Tyson has received amazing results and we are both pleased with the benefits he displayed for his age!   If she is not able to return and he will loose the benefits he received.