Why Warm Water Exercise?

  • Recovering from an injury or surgery ?
  • Arthritic, dysplasia, or just slowing down from old age ?
  • Trying to lose puppy fat or need to learn how to swim?
  • Bouncing off the walls from lack of exercise ? 
…Or just a best friend who deserves a special treat ?
Warm water with the safety and comfort that it provides leads to an emotional peacefulness and sense of well-being for all involved. The feeling of weightlessness allows the use of all muscles without putting stress on damaged or weak ones, while improving muscle tone and promoting tissue repair without imposing undue stress.
Hydrotherapy has long been recognized as beneficial for human conditioning and rehabilitation. The same benefits are as effective for canines, whether they are young, old, in competition, dogs that are in need of rehabilitation or just need a safe form of exercise.
The hydrotherapy swim spa allows your companion to exercise in a low impact environment.  In the case of an injured or disabled canine, the warmth of the water in the hydrotherapy pool promotes blood flow to the injured area while simultaneously increasing muscle and joint flexibility.  The mental benefits that depressed or timid dogs receive has always been a pleasant addition to the physical benefits.