Animal Communication

Tracy Rae MooreAnimal Communication and Energy Work
with Tracy Rae Moore 
Tracy is an animal communicator, a teacher, an alchemist, intuitive, healer and certified counselor. I have been blessed to discover the natural gifts that I bring to the world. These gifts have developed through a process over several years beginning as far back as 22 years ago.  She helps people who are interested in spiritual and emotional growth to release energy patterns that are creating problems in their lives. Many of her clients have an awareness that their challenge stems from a deeper underlying issue. The work she does now has evolved from working with people over the last ten years.  Her focus is on the energy that holds a block in place which are energy patterns.
Tracy works with energy in a completely unique way in order to bring incredible changes to the forefront: from pain reduction and healing the body, to the release of emotional issues. One of the ways she completes this healing is through pendants which she empowers, or “programs” with specialized energy which then works to complete the healing process.
Contact Tracy by phone at (604) 440-5021 or email her at