Hi Tanya,
Just wanted to let you know that it seems like even after the first session, we have noticed a little bit of difference in Rusty already.
Tonight when he came home, first of all, he was hungry and wanted his dinner right away. Then, he hopped up on the couch (remember I told you it’s a good sign if he goes up on the couch meaning his hips are not sore) and took a nap. When we went out to get dinner, Rusty wanted to go along (which is another good sign that he is not sore)Throughout the evening when Rusty was moving around, getting up and lying down NOT A SINGLE GROAN came out of him!!!! That is huge (for me) since lately he has been groaning when he gets up or lies down and it just breaks my heart…..
He also seems to be al bit more alert and a bit more active tonight, then his typical after daycare night when he just lays around farting…ha ha
So either I really want the sessions to work or it is really great, but seems like just a short session today there are already some noticeable results!! Thanks again and looking forward to next Wednesday!!…………………….

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