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WaterWorkz Paw Spa;  Where Healing is Fun & Relaxing!
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    WaterWorkz Paw Spa serves both pets and their human companions.       
 We improve quality of life using a team approach that brings
you and your pet over 50 years combined experience.  
At WaterWorkz Paw Spa we are proud to offer you a clean, inviting, positive, calm and soothing space for you and your precious furry family members.  We specialize in warm water hydrotherapy to help with rehabilitation, conditioning and of course lots of fun! Our clietele ranges from puppies to senior dogs and cats!  Some come for a learn to swim, some for pre operation muscle-building, post operation recovery and rehabilitation, arthritis or mobility issues.  Have no fear if your dog does not like swimming!  We have had many that were afraid to swim or afraid of water who now bark in the car as they can’t get into the spa fast enough!
Our indoor dog swimming pool is a natural salt based pool.  We use no harsh chemicals and it is equipped with special filters and an ultra violet light to ensure it is fresh and clean. The temperature is kept at 32 degrees, the optimal temperature for dog hydrotherapy.  All entrances and areas at WaterWorkz are wheelchair accessible.  For old and injured canines or the over excited and enthusiastic dogs, the rear door is used to enter and exit the pool area. This allows fewer steps getting to the pool, something the dogs and parents really appreciate!  Your hydrotherapy sessions are private, only one dog in the pool and pool area at a time.  
Many of our clients use a combination of our Holistic services.  We offer a Homeopathic Veterinarian with Dr. Shulamit Krakauer, dog Chiropractor with Dr. Petra Rutz, Massage Therapy with Jolena Kusac and Healing Touch for Animals with Karen Wickerson.  Everyone enjoys their visit!  The spa is a place where your canine companion will receive pampering, understanding, and most importantly healing in a calm nurturing and fun environment.  
Our retail store offers specialty items including a wide range of supplements, interactive toys, slow feeding bowls and healthy premium treats to put in them!  We are also happy to offer you the largest selection of mobility aids, boots and ramps.  We are a distributor for the Help Em Up Harness, the RuffWear line of Harnesses and dog boots as well as the Freedom No Pull Harness, guaranteed the best walking harness available for your furry friend with many colors to choose from and any size you need!
Our raw food is supplied by Happy Dogs Raw Food, a local company and is a favorite of our agility community.  We are also the proud to be the Burnaby Independent Distributor for Riplee’s Ranch Holistic Dog Food that you can pick up or we delivery free to your home.. The holistic recipes are based on nutritional science and the pet foods contain all-natural, regionally sourced ingredients.  It offers a variety of recipes for all the ages, sizes and breeds of your pet.  The state of the art manufacturing facilities are located in British Columbia. 
Conveniently located on the border of Vancouver and Burnaby with easy access just off Highway #1 the team at WaterWorkz would love to have you come join us at the happiest place in Vancouver for dogs!  We welcome you to call us at 604 435 0002 or email info@waterworkzpawspa.com to arrange a tour of the spa!